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Raiding Your Fridge (for a secret ingredient)

Greetings, and a warm welcome to everyone in our BlacknGold Food Nation everywhere around the globe! 🙂

Your foodie enthusiasm for creating great tailgating parties was my inspiration for starting this food blog. All of us cooks out there, are the people who make the get togethers with family and friends more pleasurable. You know that when we get together, we are always looking forward to, and wondering what will be on the menu.

My goal will this blog will not only be to serve up a variety of easy and delicious recipes, but to stir the pot of creativity and brain share with all of you.

Sooooo many good cooks, sooooo many good recipes out there……here we go!

Some of us have our weekly food rituals for game day, and some of us like to switch our menus around from week to week. I personally like to switch out my menu and try a new recipe. Sometimes, that has me using our fridge ‘leftovers’ – ok, let’s call them secret ‘ingredients’, that I have on hand.

Like this past week……..we just returned from our vacation very late on Saturday night, so before we left the ‘Burgh, I was rummaging around in the freezer, and said “hey, I have this frozen roasted corn salad…hummmm”

I had bought it from the Whole Foods prepared foods department, for my husband’s birthday party, and there was some leftover….. Geez, I can make a corn chowder and jazz it up with the frozen shrimp that needs to leave my freezer as well, and that will help make space for some Thanksgiving stuff. Sounds like a plan!

So check out the recipe that I put together here.

*Oh, and by the way, listen to this new drink concoction that we tasted on our
vacation……It’s an unusual beer recipe that we tried at the beautiful Golden Rock
Plantation Inn (photo) on our recent trip to Nevis Island. It was also offered by our tour
guide on the island, when we stopped to rehydrate. (photo) Maybe some of you have
heard of this drink.

You mix ‘Ting’ with your beer. I know you are saying, “What the heck?”

Ting is a grapefruit soda made in Jamaica since 1976. The company was acquired by
Guinness in 1993, then by Pepsico in 1999. It is also made in the UK. Ting would be
like our Fresca or Squirt soda. So give it a try…..Pour your beer into a glass then pour
a splash of Ting or Fresca into your beer. I am not a beer drinker, but I liked it! !
!Also…..mix Ting with vodka, and it is called a “Ving”. When we were in St. Kitts, they
mix Ting and Rum, and they call it a Ting ’n Sting!




*We checked the internet, and Ting is not available in Pittsburgh. But it is carried in a
number of other stores around the country, and of course you can order it on the

Here is another idea….since my husband makes wine for a hobby, we also gave our
wine a splash of that Ting thing – and it was great! It reminded me of sangria or a
spritzer – very refreshing! The kind of drink you could easily guzzle, so be careful!

What do you have in your fridge right now that is begging to become part of your next
creative recipe?

bye for now,
your Sports Sauce Chef

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