Sooooooo, who are those people on the label anyway?!

If you are a Pittsburgher, you are ‘nebby’…….if you do not have roots in the ‘Burgh, then you are most likely ‘curious’ about those faces on the PITTSBURGH’S Original Sports sauce label.

The Fan on the left side of the label is my oldest son, Aaron.

In real life………he is an entrepreneur. Aaron has formulated his own brand of car wash chemicals – – and he also builds, sells and installs car wash equipment regionally and in other states. He is now branching out to provide products and services to the Marcellus Shale industry.

While studying at Penn State in the Industrial Engineering program, Aaron turned his passion for skiing into a job, and became a Certified Ski Instructor for Blue Knob and Tussie Mountain, the best part being – free skiing privileges! Aaron tries to make time each winter for a ski trip out West, to keep his ski skills sharped and of course it’s a fun week! He is also a fan of participating in such events as Mud on the Mountain, at our local Seven Springs Ski Resort, and local bicycle charity events.

The Fan on the right side of the label is my younger son, Damian.

In real life…….. he is a Senior Systems Engineer for a Data Storage company here in the ‘Burg – Damian began his professional career in the Web Hosting industry, moved on into Data Transfer, and is now working in Data Storage. Speaking of moving, Damian spent 18 months living and working in Australia – a great experience for him, and an opportunity for me to go and visit him there!

Damian began studying Bio Organic Chemistry at St. Vincent College, then transferred over to the University of Pittsburgh to study Computer Science. Our family is thankful that Damian always comes to our rescue, when we have computer issues – he can always work his magic and get our computer humming again! Damian has also been involved in biking events for charity, and is well know for his grillmeister talents!

Both Aaron and Damian enjoy cooking, working out at the gym, getting together with family and friends, and getting into it about the age old question of “who’s taller”?!

Then there is Ivan – the Jedi dog.

Always busy and on the road, Aaron and Ivan made frequent stops at fast food drive thru’s. It was amazing how the drive thru clerks always said the same thing, and it led Aaron to believing that Ivan had Jedi Mind powers!

Picture this….Ivan is sitting quietly in the passenger seat. He is staring intently at the clerk. Ivan would think “you think I’m a cute dog.” The clerk would respond, “awww that’s a really cute dog.” Ivan would then think, “you want to give me some chicken nuggets”. The clerk would respond, “uh, can I give your dog some chicken nuggets?”

Yeah, the Jedi Mind powers worked like a charm every time!