It was 2005, and I was an RN working as a Health Coach and a Staff Nurse.

The Steelers had been absent from participating in the Big Game for 26 years : (

But that season, things were feeling different – ask anyone! : ))

That year, you could really sense some kind of emotional electricity flowing through the air, (and into our veins) and that anticipation was steadily brewing and escalating with each passing week!

The tailgating Fans had so much fun echoing the excitement, by sporting extra clever & crazy game day outfits and signs.  And the media joined in by supplying us with more coverage of all the festivities.

Ahhhh the tailgating….the food…family…friends…and football!  It’s a recipe for fun, but I felt inclined to add something extra to the mix.

I thought……we need some special kind of food that would be a compliment to our ritual of pierogies, kielbasa n’at.

I wanted to create a food product that would be as ‘Pittsburgh’ as Heinz ketchup.  Maybe that came to mind, since I was the kid who ate ketchup sandwiches growing up!  Maybe some of yinz did as well?!

Anyway, I thought the product should be something that would put a focus on ‘The Fans’ because they bring so much heart and soul to the game day table.

So, with my love of cooking & eating spicy food, I decided to celebrate our devoted Fans by creating PITTSBURGH’S Original Sports Sauce!  And by the way, those smiling Fans you see on the label, just happen to be my two sons, Aaron and Damian.  I would venture to say, that they were Fans even before they were born!

My hope is that you, your family and friends will enjoy using my Sports Sauce in many of your recipes.  And my dream is, that it will become “A legacy of the ‘Burgh, and a tradition for your table”!